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Why choose Coded Imagery?

Coded Imagery specializes in brand-authentication and personnel ID systems that deliver a unique combination of protective features… unmatched in the security industry.

A Solution Beyond the Reach of Counterfeiters

The encoded authentication mark — which could be a code, text, illustration or facial image — is implanted below the surface of the material… thus preempting copying or tampering.

A Multi-faceted Approach to Security

The unassailable strength of our Authentication System comes from a combination of three disciplines: Cryptography, Applied Optics and Materials Science.

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The Future of Authentication


The latest in counterfeit technology has arrived.

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Why use Encrypted Imaging?

This unique, patented encryption process is a complete foil to counterfeiters worldwide. If a counterfeiter cannot see or feel the implanted code, then the code cannot be counterfeited. It's that simple. Without our laser-based, and customized decoding device, no one even knows it's there; the encrypted information remains hidden and protected from view.

This encryption method enables any manufacturer to quickly and confidently determine whether a product has been pilfered or counterfeited using a unique and patented hand held laser device. Simply direct the customized laser beam to the targeted blank surface and instantly a holographic photo appears along with coded tracking data previously implanted beneath the blank surface.


Video Gallery

These videos reveal why our solution received letters of intent from major corporations.

Chinese Counterfeiters

Chinese Counterfeiters

Wed 29 Jun 2011

Chinese counterfeiters producing high quality fake coins. Now not only are the counterfeiters minting Chinese products but American products including numismatic coins. Experts everywhere are being fooled more and more. The new counterfeits are starting to weigh spot on! By using a mix of metals they can get the weight kosher.

Inside the World of Counterfeiting and How it Can Kill

Inside the World of Counterfeiting and How It Can Kill

Thu 06 Dec 2007

When you think of counterfeiting, you likely think of deals on Prada shoes, Chanel purses and cheap D&G sunglasses. But according to the RCMP and U.S. Homeland Security, the world of counterfeiting has become a serious threat that can even kill.